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The trendiest app these days is OGYouTube. Many use this app to download videos from YouTube. This new application is a third party app that you can get to download videos and Mp3 file formats. The possibility to straightaway download through YouTube is not offered. There are many videos, audios and other entertainment stuff on YouTube but it is hard to get them downloaded. There should be a solution for all those fans of YouTube lovers. A solution has been found which is the OGYouTube latest version. You can enjoy all same features of the original YouTube version with the video download option, which came as OGYouTube Apk. This app is not only limited to downloading videos from the YouTube. As you go through the article, you will find other sources that videos can download.

OGYouTube APK Latest Version Download Android
OGYouTube APK Latest Version Download Android

OGYouTube downloader for Android: The OGYouTube supports only the Android platform. OGYouTube iOS is not available at this moment. This is the best YouTube video downloader for Android which allows you to download HD videos from YouTube. Also, you will be able to download videos as mp3 with OGYouTube latest version. You can use the OGYouTube Apk as background video player which will stream videos in the background while you're working with another app. However, this app is not available in the Google Play Store. The article will show you steps to get the application on your device. The download procedure is simple and easy. After you get the process, you can enjoy all its latest features.

What are the new features?

OGYouTube works fine on any Android device, but it will require Android 4.1 or higher version. When you download videos; you can choose high-quality or low-quality. Easy download of videos is possible in this application. So, you can download as much as videos you want. OGYouTube is not there on Google Play store as it is a third-party app. You must get this app to enjoy advanced and interesting features. The app allows you to enjoy all these features. Isn’t it amazing? The extensive list is all those features that the modified version brings to all its users. So, get the OGYouTube soon on your Android device to have an incredible time.

OGYouTube APK Latest Version Download Android

Video Download

You can download unlimited videos from YouTube

Audio Download

Convert and Download any video as Mp3 with OGYouTube

Background Play

Play any video in background while working with another app

Privacy Features

Clear recent watch history, search history and pause history


OGYouTube is a modded version of the YouTube application. As the features get advanced, the number of things that you can get done through the application also increases. This reason is why; it is kind of interesting to use this app. Many features are there. For example- you can download videos as well as audio files. You must have this app if you are looking for free YouTube Downloader. Youtube lovers must have OGYouTube app as it will be easy for them get their favorites downloaded easily on Android. Look at the list that is below which shows some of the advanced features of OGYouTube. Install the app and enjoy all features. You will surely have fun with the app as you have the chance to get all your favorite videos downloaded in different resolutions.

  • With the app, you can download multiple downloads simultaneously. There will not be an issue. You can go on downloading many at once.
  • Whatever the video you need, on the Background & the Popup Window you can watch them
  • When the Screen is off also, you can listening to the video.
  • Videos are available in all qualities. You will simply have to choose the quality that you want the video to play on. The resolution ranges from 140p to 1440p
  • In the MP3 formats too, you could download the video
  • Subtitles that match to the video are also downloadable
  • Controls are available. You can adjust the position, the volume can be either increased or decreased, and you could even adjust the brightness.
  • There is a back button to press if you want to exit the video. You will have to double click on the button.
  • Video download happens with high speed
  • All video formats are available such as MP4, FLV, 3GP
OGYouTube APK Latest Version Download Android

These are some of the advanced features. It is these features that have attracted many users. All these users happen to use OGYouTube for its wonderful features.

Download OGYouTube APK Latest Version

The link to download the latest version of OG YouTube Downloader is given here. Click the below button and directly download the necessary APK.

Download microG for OGYouTube APK v2.0

You must need microG app for sign into OGYouTube with your google account. Without it you cannot sign into your google account.

You must get this app to view videos and get them downloaded on your device. Its benefit is that you can watch YouTube videos in the background while you are running another app. You can even download videos in the Mp3 format.

Install OGYouTube Downloader on your Android Device


Follow the tutorial below to get OGYouTube installed in your device. The tutorial is there in below steps.

OGYouTube APK Latest Version Download Android OGYouTube APK Latest Version Download Android

OGYouTube APK Latest Version Download Android OGYouTube APK Latest Version Download Android OGYouTube APK Latest Version Download Android

If you completed the installation process, you would not face issues when you open the application. If the app crashes, it indicates that you have not succeeded. So, get started from the beginning and redo the application process. 

Some FAQs about OGYouTube Downloader


Q. Is it safe to use OGYouTube APK?
A. Yes, you will not have to worry about the application.

Q. Is the application available for iOS?
A. No, OGYouTube downloader for iOS is not available.

Q. Is this app better than the normal YouTube?
A. Yes, OGYouTube is the best with all its modified features.

Q. What should I do if videos are not working in the Background with the OGYouTube app?
A. If the videos are not working in the background, you will have to open the OGYouTube app firstly, next click On Settings, go to Downloads, and put a mark on “Enable Screen-off Playback” and “Enable Background Playback.“ Now, the option may work fine.

What is the difference between OGYouTube and YouTube?
A. With OGYouTube you have advanced features, for example, you can download videos from YouTube directly

Q. Why should I go for OGYouTube?
A. The reason is as it has interesting advanced features

Q. What can I do with this application?
A. It is possible to download all your favorite videos directly in different qualities as well as Mp3 format.

Q. Is this new version available on Google Play Store?
A. No, it is not, you will have to get it from here on PlusMods.com as it is a third party application.

What are the requirements to install OGYouTube APK on your phone?

  1. Your device should be Android 4.0 or higher version
  2. microG app
  3. A stable Internet connection is required.


Latest Changelogs


Updates of New Version 4.2 - 08/11/2017

  • New Updated base 12.43.52 (Play Store)
  • [Exclusive] Now working with Android Marshmallow
  • Bugs fixed including issues updating download links and downloads
  • Seek Controls advanced as position, volume, brightness
  • Enable all Qualities version is available
  • Supports x86 architecture
  • Notifications will vibrate
  • Supports download on Android Nougat
  • Supports download to the external SD Card (only on Lollipop and newer versions)
  • Option to auto switch to background playback
  • Can reset the transaction id (on Remove Ads)
  • Improved the download process
  • Supported chunk downloads
  • Supports Android Marshmallow
  • New button to go to background
  • Supports 60FPS
  • Can hide downloads icon
  • Can rename videos before download
  • New option to set 'Default screen.'
  • New option to set 'Default Quality.'
  • Can rewind or skip videos


This info is all about the modified version of the YouTube. The modified version comes to the Android platform as OGYouTube. It has a marvelous set of advanced features. By having this application, you can download videos in different formats, and also you can download in different video quality. The application is best for YouTube video downloading. With all its advanced features, the number of people who love this app is increasing. Share your experiences with us. It is amazing that you can directly download all your all-time favorites through this mod version of YouTube. Get this application to have fun. You can get the app easily, and the installation process only takes few minutes. Waiting to hear your experience on the app. You can have a very good time with this new application.

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