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Instagram Plus, that we are going to talk about with all its latest features. If you see the Instagram Plus, you will see that all its elements are advanced features of the Instagram. It is, in fact, the modified version of Instagram and you have some interesting features like downloading photos, videos, and anyone's stories. Instagram Plus Apk mainly designed for these things. It uses the follow indicator technique where the app mentions you, who has following your profile. You will find it's interesting that you can download photos and videos directly. It is a chance where you can have the pictures of your favorite personalities in your pocket. Enjoy Instagram Plus.

Instagram Plus Latest Version Download for Android
Instagram Plus Latest Version Download for Android

Instagram Plus Download for Android: Instagram Plus is attractive with all its new applications and updates. This reason is why many like to get this application on their device. Only Android users can get this app on their device. It is, in fact, the modified version of Instagram. With this application, you can download videos and photos through Instagram. As well as zoom in option is awesome. The Instagram did not have such incredible features, but the Instagram Plus Apk allows you to download the photos and videos and it also allows you to have a look at the profile picture in full. The app is 100% safe, so you will not have to worry about getting it onto your device.The app is also supportive of a variety of languages. Some people have Instagram Plus on their device, and through this app, you can improve your social circle. You will be collecting memories throughout your life with this app. Get the Instagram Plus latest version to enjoy all features and to have a wonderful experience.

What are the new features?

Instagram Plus comes with a bunch of advanced features. The main use of Instagram Plus Apk is downloading photos and videos. Also, there is an option to download anyone's stories too. It is because of such advanced features that you must get this application. The official version doesn't have this download feature. So users cannot get downloaded their favorite images/videos. But with Instagram+ you will be able to direct download images and videos without any problem. Isn't it great to get all these features to have the most amazing time of your life?

Instagram Plus Latest Version Download for Android


Download any image or video directly to your device.

Download Stories

Download anyone's story easily.

Follow Indicator

Ability know who is following you.

Zoom In

You can zoom in and zoom out any photo.


People over 300 million are using Instagram to share their photos, videos, and stories. Instagram Plus has another feature for zoom in and out images. Also, you can view full profile pictures by clicking on it. It has a follow indicator which shows who is following you. These features are advanced in the latest version, which is the modified version of Instagram. Here below is a list of extensive features of the application.

  • Can download videos with a single click
  • Can download photos that appear with a single click
  • Possibility to share direct URL's
  • Auto start of videos with sound in the video player
  • Indicates the people who are following you with the new feature follow indicator
  • Can view pictures by zooming in
  • A variety of languages including Arabic is supported
  • The feature of viewing the profile picture in full size is new
  • You can keep track of the ones who are following your page
Instagram Plus Latest Version Download for Android

Download Instagram Plus APK Latest Version

Instagram Plus is only available for Android devices. You will not be able to find Instagram Plus for iOS. In this section, you are given the Instagram Plus APK download chance. Just click on the download button that is indicated below. Once you click the button, you will be able to get this latest application downloaded onto your device. After you install the application, you will find its latest features. Here you go! Get the download to start the application process.

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Download OGInsta+ APK Latest Version

If you want to use the two Instagram apps on the same Android device you can get OGInsta+. With Instagram Plus version you will have to uninstall the normal app. But using OGInsta Apk, you can keep two Instagram Accounts same time in one device. It has all same features of Instagram+.

Install Latest Instagram Plus on your Android Device


Here below is a step by step tutorial with screenshots on how to install Instagram Plus on your Android mobile quickly. Take a few minutes to continue with the installation process. After you get the installation process on your Android device, you will be able to explore all its features. Follow the installation tutorial that is given below.

  1. First, start with the download of Instagram Plus APK to your Android Smartphone from the button which is given above. You will not find this app on the Google Play Store. This method is the only way that you could get the app.
  2. Next, you have to uninstall Instagram from your Android device. To uninstall, you will have to first go to Settings, next Apps, then to Instagram and finally Uninstall. If you don't want to uninstall, you can take OGInsta+ Apk from above link.
  3. Next, you must enable the Unknown Sources. You can enable this option by going to Settings and next Security. Now put a mark on Unknown Sources.
  4. Then install Instagram Plus on your Android device. You will find the Apk in your download folder.
  5. Finally, open the Instagram Plus, and enter your Instagram account login details. You can either use your old account or create a new one.
  6. Once you have followed the installation process successfully, you will be able to enjoy all features of Instagram Plus. Enjoy and have fun!

Instagram Plus Latest Version Download for Android Instagram Plus Latest Version Download for Android Instagram Plus Latest Version Download for Android

Some FAQs About Instagram Plus

You might have some issues that you are looking for answers. When you have a new app, it is true that you want answers to most of your questions. This reason is why in this article you have this section allocated especially to give answers to your questions. Have a look at the below issues and answers.

Q. Is it safe to use Instagram Plus?
A. Yes, it is safe. You must not have any worry about the application.

Q. What is the benefit of using this new app?
A. It is better than the official Instagram. In this version, you can download images and videos directly from Instagram.

Q. Is Instagram Plus for iPhone available?
A. No, at the moment only Android users can get this latest version.

Q. Can I use 2 Instagram Plus Application accounts?
A. Yes, it is possible to use 2 Instagram Plus Application on your same device, but for that, you must have OGInsta+

Q. Do I need to Uninstall Official Instagram if I want to use Instagram Plus?
A. Yes, You must uninstall Official Instagram to use the modified version.

Q. Is it possible to download photos and videos on Instagram Plus?
A. Yes, You can. The official Instagram did not have these features.

What are the requirements to install Instagram Plus APK on your phone?

  1. Your device should be an Android mobile.
  2. A stable Internet connection is required.
  3. You must uninstall Instagram.


Latest Changelogs


Updates of New Version: v10.14.0

  • The new base update was to 10.14.0 (53199629) (Play Store)
  • The latest version supports downloading from stories. You can easily download videos as well as photos.
  • The option of Instagram Direct is there at the bottom. You can send any of the stuff such as photos and videos, and later on, they will disappear.
  • You can swipe right into the camera to capture. Next, if you want to send them, you will have to tap the arrow. By tapping the arrow, you are sending in private. The mod version has advanced privacy settings.
  • Other Fixes


You must be familiar now with the features of Instagram Plus. This app has so many advanced features, and this reason is why you should get this app on your Android device. With this new version, you can try out different features with other Instagrammers. These advanced features come up specially to keep all our Instagrammers happy and alive. You can get the app onto your device and share your experience with friends and explore all new features. It is also possible to share your experiences with us on what you feel about this application. As you explore the features, you will be amazed by all the things that this latest version is possible to do. In the FAQ session, all your questions have been answered. You will not have to worry about security issues as the app is supportive and safe on Android. The new features are incredible, and you must get it on your device. Get the app on your device to see what you could do on the app and have a massive blast with friends. View any profile pictures and start downloading videos as well as anyone's stories that you are addicted to using Instagram Plus. Have the best experience on Instagram Plus Apk. Good Luck!

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